TECHNOLOGY INFORMATION Recessed in-ground path lights PGP series Input voltage: 24V DC Power: 2W Protection class IP 67, safety class III Lifespan: >50,000 hours Color temperature: 3000K, 4000K. Optional 5500K Colour rendering index: >80 Materials: aluminium alloy Color finishing: stainless steel Warranty: 3 years (see warranty statement)


Recessed in-ground path lights PIP series

Recessed in ground path lights for illuminating ground surfaces both indoor and out. Optionally available with one twi tree or four light sectors or unshielded different lighting situations. Adopt American CREE original LED source, high flus output,excellent consistency of light color, trim ring made of stainless steel, luminaire housing made of anodized extruded aluminium, IP67 waterproof. Loading capacity 2000kg.

Sturdy construction for areas in which considerable robustness is required. The luminaires are mounted in a recessed housing made of anodized extruded aluminium with CNC marchined for high precision. Front cover made of stainless steel.

Bringing out ground surfaces, effectively illuminating architec- ture, marking out pathways: PGP for indoor applications performs these and other tasks with peerless elegance. In square or round versions and with a discreet stainless steel mounting frame, the luminaire’s mounting is virtually flush with the floor. Needless to say, it can also be mounted covering the surrounding cut-out. PGP is a highly flexible system, letting you vary the recess depth to suit the actual floor conditions.

Art No. Power Luminous flus ß A B C D
64030 3W 90/100 lm 100° 60 75 90 40
64031 3W 90/100 lm 2X100° 60 75 90 40
64032 3W 90/100 lm 3X100° 60 75 90 40
64033 3W 90/100 lm 3X80° 60 75 90 40
64034 3W 90/100 lm 4X80° 60 75 90 40